Better Mattress, Better Sleep?

Can a high price mattress make a difference?

You have seen the commercials and heard the ads about better sleep or letting your mattress mold to your body shape, support for your lower back, etc.  Or how about pillows for the side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper.  I can honestly say I have tried many pillows and none have done a thing for my side, back or stomach but they make good support for between your legs when laying on your side.  But I digress, does a expensive mattress make a better nights sleep?

If you suffer from any ailment like restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea, the mattress is really not the problem.  If you wake up stiff or rubbing your back or hips because they are sore, the bed may be the problem.  If you are like me, a stationary side sleeper, one side is more painful than the other.  I had a support mattress that I spent bucks on that over the course of a few years became mushy and was an effort to get in and out of.  Needless to say I trashed it and got another one.  Coils are not the way to go…THEY HURT! and the noise is unbearable, everybody knows when you rollover or are in the middle of other things (lol).  I went shopping for a tempurpedic and yes tried every one on the floor to decide on what would fit, needless to say the price did not.  Two to four thousand for a mattress in my book better come with a method to make and or flip itself over.  Yes, many have said to me it is an investment in me but I think I can put that kind of money to my kids.  I ended getting a gel mattress pad and needless to say have never slept better.

In the end the decision is yours.  Select what will help you enjoy a peaceful nights sleep and also not leave you agonizing over how much you spent.



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Arlene Wallis

Baltimore based blogger who focuses on the positive, motivation and uplifting of others locally, nationally and global. With an infectous smile, she brings calm and joy when she writes and also makes you think when you read her blogs. Single mom of four who is also a domestic violence survivor, she brings a unique view on the things that are often left unsaid. Lady Blue also keeps tabs on the underground music movement happening in Baltimore and around the world. If you need motivation, she also has a inspirational page on Facebook as well! Her favorite bible verse is also the title of her website because she knows that weeping may endure for a night but JOY does come in the morning!
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