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Greetings Kings and Queens,

I was just having this conversation with a friend discussing the new $20 bill.
After the initial excitement of hearing, a Black Heroic Woman would be put on the front of the $20 bill, many questions came to the surface.
I asked, “Why are they putting Harriet Tubman on the new $20’s? And furthermore, why are they announcing it now, especially since the bills won’t be out until 2030?” What has prompted this? What is really going on?

Wouldn’t you know, I came across this video. If you have a brain, this should engage you and make you think , ask questions, or at least talk about it. Black lives “DO NOT MATTER” in America right now. They should, but they don’t let’s just be honest about this. The police are killing unarmed Black men with no consequences, at an all time high.

Check out this video and tell me your thoughts.




Peace and Blessings Family

Tonya “Monei” Moone

Be A Hero, Not Another Silent Voice – I AM A VOICE
–The Rashad Effect




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Tonya Moone

I am a new blogger, my mission is to bring awareness for the empower my people. I have been an avid community activist against gun violence since 2012 after my son was killed. Now I plant the seed "I AM A VOICE" through The Rashad Effect which is the voice of The Rashad Moone Foundation. Follow me: (FB Groups: I AM A VOICE & A Mothers Cry.) The Rashad Effect (FB page), and Tumblr
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