‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Personality, Erika Jayne, Releases Music Video

How Many [email protected]#ks Do I Give About this Garbage Ass Single/ Video ??? None

It simply amazes me how reality TV can take totally irrelevant people and give them shine! This video is the perfect example of this. TOTAL GARBAGE! Before the show you can not tell me that this chick with “ZERO” talent could have gotten a record deal or even gotten anyone at a record company to give her a serious listening ear… SMDH! And now she has a single and video out. WTF!

I’ve always said that I should have my own reality TV show. With all the craziness that goes on in my life I’m sure it would be a hit. Maybe it should be called “Real House Moms of Indiana.” LOL But it always trips me out how they take these people that are either “has beens” or “never seen befores” and stick them on TV fir 15 minutes and they become royalty…over night celebrities. I mean just look at the Kardashians. Our society is SO screwed up! They need to take poor working people and give them their 15 minutes of fame and let them get some of them dollas. At least it would be something that the average person could relate to. Instead they give those who are already privileged the shine and the rich get richer and the poor STAY poor!



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