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I am so excited to be here to give you ladies and gents some helpful hints when it comes to beauty and fashion. I am a MUA (Make up...

I am so excited to be here to give you ladies and gents some helpful hints when it comes to beauty and fashion. I am a MUA (Make up Artist) and personal stylist and I will be sharing my finds, reviews and must haves and keep you on top of ways to save money and still look good. The goal is to keep it trendy while trying new things so I hope your open to it because I have tons to share.
Being that I am a makeup artist I always find ways to save money and I am always open to trying new things no matter how expensive or inexpensive and you will be amazed at some of the things that I find. Women MAC cosmetics are not the truth and you don’t have to spend all that money to look good. Now I will not totally throw MAC under the bus because I LOVE THEIR MATTE LIP COLORS. I had not purchased anything MAC in over 8 years until just 6 months ago and I swear it has been nothing but love since for me but I will get into that in a much later blog. However, I have found several beauty products that measure up without the high end prices and big reputations. The goal is to keep you looking the part while not being in the poor house. Ladies take advantage of those Ulta sales and be mindful of the hidden gems in this place that already have great prices but can be even better if caught on sale. Your local beauty supply has great finds too and the prices are just right for someone who at times shops on a budget or needs something really quick and doesn’t have the $ 18.00 to spare for a tube of high end lipstick.
The first hidden gem I just found recently is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and boy are those things amazing! At your local beauty supply they are approximately $ 6.00 and comes in about 15-20 different shades. Whether you like really soft pink or old Hollywood red lips this brand is a must have in your lip collection and offers something for everyone. The pretty cool thing I found about these colors that they were named after different cities from all over the world. The color range goes from really light nudes and pinks to bold burgundy and reds to say the least. I am finding that out of this line that the Copenhagen and Transylvania are the two most popular colors from this collection and may be extremely hard to find. At your local beauty supply if they don’t have it request it and this line can also be purchased at Ulta.Two weeks ago Ulta had a sale where they were 40% off and they were marked for $ 3.59 a tube so keep your ears and eyes open to that sale because I stocked up and basically got two tubes for the cost of one almost with the tax included.
The consistency is great with the lip color and I found when worn with a lip primer or just a quick swipe of an EOS lip balm it stays put for a nice amount of time without running and these can also be worn with or without lip liners. Now these are all matte colors which mean that the product has no shine but the payoff is still amazing and the lip stains are gorgeous in the darker colors. So if you are looking for shine with that pop then the NYX intense lip butter maybe for you instead. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me I will be more than willing to help. Smooches



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