Are You Gonna Go Cop Those New Jordans???

Cryin Jordan MeMe Made It To The Shoe...

Two sneaker lovers have now taken the “Cryin Jordan” meme to the next level, customizing a pair of Air Jordan VIII kicks with the infamous image.

The shoes feature a teary-eyed Jordan on the tongue and the insoles.

Creators Sherman Winfield and Andrew Weiss have launched a website called “Crying Kicks.”

No word yet on what Michael Jordan himself has to say about the shoes.

Seems like to me that this could some way be against the law. If nothing else because they are marketing them to sell. It will be interesting to see what MJ has to say or better yet what he does about these shoes. If feel like the designers may find themselves in court if these things really take off. Lord only knows what they are trying to charge for these customized pair of already very pricey footware. But whatever the price I’m sure that Michael isn’t up for anyone capitalizing off of his empire.

So my question to you is when these shoes become available to by will you be rushin out to cop you a pair? Leave your comments below…



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