Unarmed Black Man Dies While In Police Custody

Death By Pepper Spray

Well here is a spin on police brutality that is quite shocking. Alabama police pepper sprayed an unarmed man to death. They had to have used alot of pepper spray to actually kill him with it. SMH!

According to ABC News reports:

 The unarmed man,Anthony Dewayne Ware, was allegedly resisting arrest after being chased by police.

“Mr. Ware had an active warrant that had been verified for attempting to elude police,” Tuscaloosa police Assistant Chief Ronnie Dunn told CNN.

Ware fled police and ran into woods nearby.

“Officers chased him into the woods, and when the officers caught up to him, he resisted arrest,” Dunn said.

The news report claims that the six officers that were there during the incident will still be on duty while investigations into Ward’s death take place. The officers’ body cam and dash video will be reviewed. Even if Ward were to be found guilty of his charge, the question will become: Did the police use pepper spray is a negligent and/or reckless manner?

As usual my hope is that they figure out exactly what happened to this poor guy and justice is served. My prayers go out to his family.



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