The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part Two Recap

You’d think having the husbands join the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Reunion Part 2 would help bring some levelheadedness to the group, but that did NOT happen on tonight's episode!

First up, we took a look back at Cynthia’s best (and cattiest) moments over the past season. Ever since she’s stepped out of NeNe’s shadow, she’s found her voice, yet some would argue that she was riding a fine line between having a voice and being plain mean this season.

“I think in a group like this its important to have a voice and I think it’s also important to be a bitch sometimes,” Cynthia told Andy Cohen. It wasn’t long before Phaedra added her two cents about the situation. She snapped at Cynthia for accusing her of cheating on Apollo and things got nasty real fast.

They two ladies were snapping at each other back and forth for a while and it was Cynthia who got the last word in. Taking a jab at Phaedra’s profession as a lawyer, Cynthia said, “win a case.”

Another friendship that has taken a toll this season was Phaedra and Kandi’s. As we saw over the course of the season, Phaedra was hurt by Kandi’s for not being there for her through her rough times with Apollo. Kandi got very emotional at one point telling her side of the story, she started crying. “We’re good, it was miscommunication on my part, I’m sorry,” Phaedra said to Kandi.

The Husbands Join In On The Fun

Then it was time for the husbands of Atlanta to join the stage for a little Q&A with Andy. First up, Peter was forced to defend himself against NeNe calling him a “bitch” and he said “I don’t give a f*ck! I am always going to say what I wanna say, when I want to say it, so fu*k who is upset about that.” Things got super quiet after that — awkward!

NeNe said she had no response to that — her silence was shocking! It wasn’t long before Phaedra’s alleged affair came up, which she repeatedly denied. “I love Apollo, still love him to this day,” she said.

Obviously, Kenya had a few words to say about that and the two went back a fourth with nasty comments..…jeeze, don’t these women get tired of bickering and fighting?!

Phaedra brought up the fact that Kenya use to flirt and text Apollo all the time, which sparked a whole other fight! Kenya said, “everybody flirts, NeNe use to flirt with Peter,” and all hell broke loose.

NeNe, who had stayed relatively quite throughout the episode, spoke up. She yelled at Kenya, “Hold on, let me tell you something, you will not sit here and disrespect me and my husband,” she screamed on the top her lungs.

NeNe’s husband Gregg, who was sitting behind her, had to pull her back into her seat before things got real ugly!

Tune in next Sunday for the conclusion Part 3 Reunion on Bravo at 8|7c!

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