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Be About your Word

How many times has someone told you something that they swore they were gonna do but in the end they don’t end up doing it?

How many times have you told yourself that you will get it done only to procrastinate on yourself and keep putting it off?


I grew up with a huge extended family and always saw my uncles doing what they said they were gonna do.  That goes for the ladies in my family as well.  In a way I kind of grew up to expect that from people in my adult life.  As my Dad always told me, people will disappoint you.  He was right!  How is this motivational you ask?  I’m getting to the good part now.  Be a man/woman of your word!  Don’t look for satisfaction in others.  Find it within yourself.  You are a treasure trove of possibility and wonder! Sometimes we are so busy looking for outward validation that we don’t take the time to approve ourselves and tell ourselves what a good job we are doing!

If you are in business you know that your word can make or break your reputation.  BE ABOUT IT! Stand behind what you say and do and show yourself that you have what it takes to be among the greats! If you agree to something, stick it out to the end no matter what the outcome.  Good or bad there is always a lesson from everything you do in your life whether you are leading, teaching or observing.

As the saying goes, it’s not just what you say, it’s what you do!



Spirituality & Inspiration
Arlene Wallis

Baltimore based blogger who focuses on the positive, motivation and uplifting of others locally, nationally and global. With an infectous smile, she brings calm and joy when she writes and also makes you think when you read her blogs. Single mom of four who is also a domestic violence survivor, she brings a unique view on the things that are often left unsaid. Lady Blue also keeps tabs on the underground music movement happening in Baltimore and around the world. If you need motivation, she also has a inspirational page on Facebook as well! Her favorite bible verse is also the title of her website because she knows that weeping may endure for a night but JOY does come in the morning!
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