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Take a Vacation... Go somewhere. 'We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.'

Spring is here and summer is right around corner. What are your plans for the summer? The kids would be home from school. Why not take a vacation and go somewhere? There are so many different places to go, things to see and many adventures just waiting for you. You have worked hard on your job and taking care of your family - you deserve it. Taking time away from your work and your regular routine allows your body to replenish, and repair itself. It gives you positive emotions as you relax your mind and body. When your mind and body is relax, you will function better. Psychology expert Susan Krauss Whilbound said that the biggest benefits of taking vacation is how much it forms relationship. Family Vacation increase family bonds. It brings family together, especially if there are activities that they can do together. The memories made will be cherished forever. Upon returning from a vacation, your brain and body is relaxed thus making you more creative and productive. Before taking a vacation, plan your trip. Decide where you would like to go and how long. The Caribbean is a wonderful tourist destination - blue skies, white sandy beaches, friendly people. Budget wisely. Check for affordable flights, hotels or vacation package. Go and have a wonderful time.



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Sally McGuire have written many short stories and always keeps a journal. Her love of researching the history of various cultures has earned her an award for excellence. She is the author of romance novels Destined To Love and Forever Yours. Sally lives in New York with her son.
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