LL Cool J Showing Bi Polar Tendencies When it Comes to His Career

Rapper Announces New Album Hours After Reportedly Announcing Retirement From Music
Photograph by Terence Patrick LL Cool J photographed by Terence Patrick

On a now deleted Twitter rant yesterday LL Cool J retired from music. To only turn back around and tweet that he was unretiring and announce a new album.

Here is part of what he wrote in the deleted tweet:

“Today I officially retired from music,” he initially wrote. “Thank you for the love.”

Here is his tweet recanting his retirement:

Looks like Bruh is confused. LBVS.

Seeee that’s the problem with social media. How many times have any of us gotten in our feelins about something and posted something that we regret. I’ve done it several times. But I guess it’s safe to say that for now we can be looking forward to a new album from Uncle L.



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