Leolah Brown says… “It wasn’t me!”

"Brown Family Didn't Leak Pic"

As I’m sure you have all heard earlier this week the Brown Family was banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina after a picture of her on her deathbed were leaked to the media.

As Bobbi Kristina lays in hospice a battle has ensued between the Houston  and Brown families over rights to see her and to no avail the Houstons have won the fight.

Leolah Brown, Bobby Browns sister voiced her opinion to TMZ saying:

… the pic “was taken when NO other Brown was around her. My brothers KNOW this and we have already determined who we are sure it WAS NOT! And believe me-IT WAS NOT A BROWN”!

Leolah added …”If it were up to me! The sick and sorry people that continue to have permission to see her even still to this day-they would be COMPLETELY cut out NEVER to lay eyes on her again!”

This is a truly sad situation in which noone wins. At this time when this young lady it in her last days family really needs to lean on each other for strength. This battle is not going to do anything but put a shadow over the light that memories of Bobbi Kristina’s life gave each of them. I hope that they can resolve their differences and find the peace and love that this young lady brought to them.




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  • Laverne Prater
    12 July 2015 at 10:00 pm


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