Does practice make perfect? Peep the Allen Iverson doc airing this weekend to find out

“We're talking about practice…” --Allen Iverson
A.I. real

This is going to be the best weekend, EVER. The temperature in my neck of the woods will hit the 90º mark, and I get to peep a SHOWTIME documentary, helmed by Zatella Beatty, on NBA legend Allen Iverson, affectionately referred to by his fans as A.I.

Now, even if you’re not a fan, and why wouldn’t you be, I know you remember Iverson’s “practice” sound bite? Oh, you don’t? Well, peep it below. I’ll wait:

Are you good now? Groovy.

On Saturday, the mercurial hoop superstar’s doc, Iverson, will air at 9:00 P.M. EDT. Beatty delves into his complexities, the misrepresentations and the isolation that always comes with greatness. If your cable is still on, peep it. If it’s off, here are some highlights from one of the greatest to ever do it:



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