How Ta’Leon Goffney Become Mr. InFamous (Untold & Uncensored)

*Background Info*: The legendary Goffney twins –Taleon & Keyon– hit the mainstream community with a huge bang in the mid 2000’s. Taleon was alleged to be straight, while Keyon was very open...


*Background Info*: The legendary Goffney twins –Taleon & Keyon– hit the mainstream community with a huge bang in the mid 2000’s. Taleon was alleged to be straight, while Keyon was very open about his sexuality. Sexual preference didn’t make much of a difference when it came to the fans and friends, because both brothers possessed a rare and stunning manly beauty. Their Myspace pages were filled with friends, professional pictures and messages from all over the world. To add to their mystique, on the outside, it appeared they also had a very elaborate and successful modeling career. Keyon was known to work with major brands and scored a deal with Ralph Lauren. It appeared to be a glamorous lifestyle of traveling, shopping, cars, sex, drugs and all things in between. The brothers tapped themselves into gay porn, but even that was an asset. Gay porn in those years was not what it is today. In those days, adult production companies generally only scouted the most attractive, healthy, exclusive and desired within the community. Everything was peaches and cream until social media, blogs, news reports were flooded with information that the twin brothers had dealings with robbery charges. The scandal blew up the extreme! Like most scandals, today it’s the talk of the town and tomorrow it’s definitely forgotten. Keyon, was eventually released from custody, and after a year or so, he slowly transitioned back into the community and took off once again, regaining his career as an allegedly successful working model/escort. But no one ever really heard anything else about Taleon………Until now!

In this exclusive interview, Taleon tells it all and holds nothing back. He talks about everything that led to the sex scandal, robbery, his new memoir, life today + much more! Read it below and see what he has to say about it!


After everything you experienced, being criticized by the media, your story was exposed to the world and twisted in so many different ways. Why would you want to become even more public after what you been through?
Because I just refuse to have my life story be fabricated before my very eyes. I’d rather go public and risk being embarrassed and humiliated then to stay dormant and let the public do as they may with my life. I’m going to embrace whatever the outcome, even if it places a bullseye of ridicule directly on my back. And if I have to be shot down, at least  I’ll be shot down for the truth. I guess that’s how Martin and Malcolm felt about the black community as a whole. So I guess I’m on my own self-righteous movement. Because I know that my truth can save many. So many people are scared to speak up because of public opposition. So I’m telling my truth so that others will have the courage to tell theirs.

Growing up in multiple unstable households, how do you think that influenced your decision making when you became an adult?
It had a tremendous effect on my decision making as an adult. Because I grew up in constant dysfunction. Moving every time I turned around, not being able to keep friends, not staying at the same school, not have a guaranteed place to sleep of eat, evictions, no father figure, all played a role in my personal discretions. I never had a solid upbringing so I never knew how to keep solid relationships, make solid decisions, or even love myself correctly. All I knew was dysfunction. So my choices always gravitated towards it.

What was life growing up in Camden, New Jersey?
Growing up in Camden was no easy feat. And having a noticeably gay twin brother was an enhancement on that adversity. Because I had to fight every one who tried to beat him up. And when I wasn’t strong enough to fight them all, I had to be quick enough to run. Most days we alluded confrontation. But on those unfortunate days we got jumped and kicked to the ground. We were very poor and barely had food to get by. So our Mom worked endlessly and would have to ask for help from family and friends on a consistent basis. It definitely played a role on my confidence level. Because there was very little to aspire to, therefore I’ve learned to expect and want little for myself. Camden is my birthplace. I will never deny my city. But it is truly a cancerous environment. And I would strongly suggest that if anyone wants successful outcomes for their children…GET THEM OUT OF THAT CITY, BEFORE IT GETS THEM!!! Because it got me. Low-level confident man, drug dealer, robber, shooter, thief, criminal, 7-time convicted felon…That’s what it made me.

Describe to us, as a straight man, what in the world led you agree to or introduced you to gay porn?
I was truly down on my luck around that period. Fresh out of prison after serving 43 months for armed robbery. I continuously tried to gain employment but to no avail, I just couldn’t get my foot in the door. I even started lying on job applications, but that backfired in the worst way. Which caused me to genuinely give up on myself. But at the time, my brother was modeling and doing gay porn. And the fact that he and I are twins made us a product in demand for the business. I had no idea that he was doing it. So when he told me that no one would find out about it, I believed him. I wasn’t in a rush to go back to prison, so I signed my name on the dotted line.

What was your relationship with your twin brother growing up?
As kids we pretty close. We did everything together from; catching reptiles, climbing trees, forest ventures, you name it. When we were young we were truly twin brothers. So close to the point that we would even share dreams and could mentally detect one another’s thoughts at times. But as we grew older we fought more, and as we got stronger the fights got worst. Around the age of 13 social services intervened due to parental disputes. And subsequently, my siblings and I had to be separated. But a few years past and we were all reunited. Unfortunately my twin brother and I were never the same. He projected his anger of the separation towards the whole family, looked down on us even. And that’s when our connection was lost.

Your experience was made public for the world to put their judgements, comments, and whatnot into a decision you made. How has that affected your dating life? How have you dealt with it in a more internal way?
It has affected my dating life to the where I just forewarn whoever I’m dealing with it. And if I really like the person, I secretly cross my fingers and hope that it’s not a deal breaker. I opted for that approach rather than being scared to be found out via social media, press, word of mouth, web, etc. I used to internalize it but I’m much older now, so I have to learn to embrace my mistakes, own them, and move on.

I will never understand this, and maybe nobody else will. But what is going on in a 20-something year old heterosexual man’s mind deciding to have a gay sex scene with their brother? Was it to be noticed in the media? For money, just to be experiment?
It was solely for money along with the expense of whatever little self respect I possessed at the time. I don’t expect people to understand. Because we all respond differently to tough situations. My reason for doing so was because I’ve been poor my whole life and the thought of fortune and fame just seemed like a way out of my poverty. Success felt so imminent. Because up until that point; I never been on an airplane before, never stayed in a 5-star hotel with live lions enclosed in a giant glass tank, I never been to Vegas or could even dream of being there, and those things made it all seem so real. And yes I was willing to do the unthinkable to get it. That’s how bad I wanted to escape Camden and all the poverty it brings. I never knew anything outside of South Jersey. Now I look back and truly see how underexposed we were. So that’s what was going through my mind. All the possibilities mixed with the fact that I’m about to participate in a same sex act just to get there. At moments it even felt surreal like an outer body experience. I couldn’t believe what was about to go down.

Think back to the exact moment of filming that sex scene with your brother, what’s going through  your mind-emotionally, sexually, mentally?
Sexually I didn’t feel a thing, not even the slightest urge. Mentally my mind was blown away with the front row visual of my twin brother getting penetrated by another man right before my very eyes. I knew that was his thing, but to see it so vividly was something that I wasn’t quite ready for. Emotionally I was hurting for us both. Because we’ve been in tough situations before and got through them. But the fact that we were being a gay porn duo just for the sake of money was a new low for us. Even as a gay man he was against it because we both promised to never tell no one. And I seriously doubt that he was my brother’s type (no disrespect to Marc). Keyon likes light-skinned pretty boys. That’s all I’ve ever seen him with.

I’ve seen the sex scene in its entirety. What was your initial thoughts when you, your brother and Marc were in that room together?
Ho….ly….(expletive)!!! Was my thoughts entirely. I kept looking at my brother like, “Are we really about to do this sh*t?!!” And as strangely as it sounds I still choose to go in that room. But being who I am, no amount of money could make me do it again. And my proof came to me about a month ago. (Being that now I’m famously known in the gay porn industry) I was recently offered $15,000 from a porn company from Hawaii to make a debut after my 11 year absence from the industry (which is 15 times the amount I was paid to do the Vegas video). And even more money if I could convince my twin to join. And truthfully as of late, I’m broke because I’m too busy chasing my dreams. Trying to make a better life for my son and I. And fifteen grand could’ve served us some justice right now. But after remembering what it did to my life and myself as a person….HELL NO!!!

Being that you’re brother is gay, prior to the sex scene taping, did he give you any guidance or techniques on how to make it seem more believable? What was the conversation-I read somewhere that you argued for over 10 minutes?
That’s exactly what it was…a 10 minute argument up until the point they knocked on the door and asked if everything was alright. I was ready to just go back to the airport because my brother was told the details, yet he failed to fully convey them to me. They wanted us to simultaneously perform oral sex on Marc Williams and I was not with it. We fought about it up until that knock hit the door. Suddenly we both grew silent, and exited the bathroom undecided but it was either that or go home broke. So no techniques or advice was given, just some degradation about to commence. Because even if I were gay my brother still wouldn’t agree to group sex with me because it was just too close for comfort. We both agreed on that once upon a time.

Hypothetically speaking, if you didn’t do the sex scene with your brother, but he brought the opportunity to you at the time, would you do it? Why or why not?
Like I said before, 12 years ago I wasn’t much for myself. So yeah I would’ve accepted the offer. In fact, there were times when my brother found other companies that wanted a scene with just me and I took it.  So the answer is yeah (in that respect). But you couldn’t get me to even get me to bat an eye in that direction today (literally or hypothetically). I just don’t see things ever getting so bad to the point where I’d have to resort to such means. I know too much now. On the inside, I am too much now.

I’ve read in many different interviews that you briefly touch on adult film production companies and their disregard for an actor as a person. How do they take advantage? What exactly did you mean by the comment?
They take advantage by not really giving you the truth about how the business works. Like I said, we were paid a grand for a video that was downloaded and viewed nearly 1.5 million times. We got suckered in an astronomical way. They send a scout out who befriends you. And the key question to look out for (in retrospect) is, “So what does your financial situation look like?” Right there is when they get you. Because if they discover that you’re hurting for money then they will exploit it to the high heavens. Because people who are doing well have a tendency to think twice about a situation. While people who aren’t doing so well will take anything that comes their way. And once they have the footage in their slimy hands you have no control how they will produce it. You will not be a part of the editing process. You will not have a say so on marketing tactics. If they thought a picture of you naked in bed with a dog on the cover would garner or generate sales then they would do it. They don’t care about your family or your current profession. And if they act like they care, I assure you that it’s all game. Because you’re just another sucker who fell for the dream of stardom because you were broke. Think about it? How many rich people do porn? How many people are actually proud once they’ve done it. And how many people regret it? And I assure you that there are so many people who regret it. And ask themselves, “What was I thinking?” We all do. 95% of porn participants all do. And the other five percent are just Freaks!!! Jenna Jameson was the only one who gave integrity to the business. Because she was in control of the entire process; her image, her scenes, her products and all. The game hasn’t been the same since she left. Now the industry is about exploitation.

Let’s talk robbery. Why? What led to those major life changing events while being scrutinized for doing a gay porn with your brother?
The robberies started when I couldn’t take being in the gay porn business. I see comments on countless blogs where people made humorous statements about the economy being bad because a gay porn star couldn’t even earn a living. Which is so far from the truth. If you happen to like they business and don’t mind meaningless sex acts for money (gay or straight) you can make a decent living. It just amazes me how people continuously run their mouths from the comfort of their homes. They’re not out here like us. Everybody’s tale is different. Everybody’s circumstances are different. Everybody’s methods are different. But at the end of the day we are all headed in the same direction. We are all trying to win!!! I wasn’t in no shape nor did I have the fortitude to get back out there in the job world and get rejected again. Like I said before, “I gave up on myself.” What people fail to realize is when I was in porn business I was fresh out of prison and on parole for the conviction of the violent crime of armed robbery. In New Jersey violent offenders are classified as A304’s. And it’s so much stipulations placed on A304’s that most of us just become frustrated from all the letdowns and resort to what we know best. A304’s can’t work at certain type of jobs because parole stipulates this. A304’s can’t even move in an apartment complex because we won’t pass the background checks. And they wonder why the recidivism rates for A304’s are at an all-time high. So something inside of me just snapped. I felt as though if society wouldn’t give me a chance. If they are going to stigmatize A304’s as the worst criminals. Then that’s what I’m going to give them. And that’s exactly what I did. From 2006-2008 I became one of the MOST WANTED criminals in the Tri-State area. Something unlike they’ve never seen before. You read about criminals like me. And because I resorted to gay porn just as a means to get by, I was blaming society for that too. So my vengeance was at an all-time high. By far one of the darkest eras of my life. I take responsibility for myself and my circumstances now. Because the ONLY thing that separates a successful person from an unsuccessful person is……CHOICES.

Why do you think you served a much longer sentence than him? Did anyone in prison know you from your experience?
 I served a longer sentence for two reasons:

  1. Because my brother agreed to testify against me to ensure the prosecution receives a successful conviction. And whenever a defendant decides to surrender his rights for due process in court he is sentenced by the mitigating (minimal) guidelines. And if he tries to retract his statement at any point during the court and trial process, he is forewarned that he will be sentenced by the aggregating (maximum) guidelines.
  2. Because up until that point I was the only one with an extensive criminal history. While my brother only had minor offenses. And when your are sentenced they use a point system to determine the length of your term. And any prior convictions will result in an enhancement towards your term.

But before I even made it to prison the entire prison facility and inmates knew who I was. As soon as we got off the prison transfer bus I was immediately escorted to solitary confinement. I was told that because I had a high-profile case I would cause too much commotion in the prison. So I was confined due to the notoriety of my case.

Explain to me the experience or thought process when your own twin brother ratted you out and gave an 8-page deposition against you? He also incriminated your mom who was completely innocent, why?
My brother was arrested first. I managed to escape the scene and remove the burglary tools and cash. My brother only served as a lookout that night. I felt it didn’t warrant both of us to go inside. But he was arrested as soon as he tried to pull off. Unbeknownst to us we were already under surveillance by a Tri-State task force. So they already had the drop on us. They never saw me break into the property or else they would’ve breached. (I’m only speaking on this because I’ve already been convicted for this crime). But most importantly, my brother never left the vehicle. So there was virtually no way they could possibly charge him for burglarizing a place he never entered. The undercover officers by default would serve as his witnesses if it ever made it to the courtroom. Once I stashed the money and threw the burglary tools in the river, I came back for him. And I knew that if he kept his mouth shut all they would have is a circumstantial case. But secretly I was still worried. Because I wasn’t new to this type of pressure, but he was. But I thought our brotherly love would dominate the interrogation tactics. Boy was I wrong. Like I said we were twins with a uncanny-like connection when we were younger. Because when they finally apprehended me I was escorted by the holding cell he was placed in. And when I glanced over at the window and saw the look in he eyes, that’s when I knew…They broke him. But he knew my character then. He knew that I would refuse to help the police do their job. Because of the Clementon Superman case I had prior to this he knew I hated police. So much that I’d be willing to go to trial and roll the dice and pick 12 jurors before I help them get a conviction. He knew that I was so stubborn in that right, that I’d see both of us go to prison before I rat. So when he was asked if there were any other culprits involved, he gave our mom. Because he knew that I would risk us going to prison, but I would never risk her. The had a desktop full of unsolved cases similar to ours. They never seen thievery at this level. So they wanted the brains behind the operation. THEY WANTED ME. And I’d die over before I reveal my role. But for my mom I would take the entire rap to ensure her freedom. And that’s exactly what I did. I just couldn’t believe that he would take such a desperate attempt to get himself out of the trouble that we both created. He always had a weasel-like way of avoiding consequences. Because this isn’t the first time he testified against someone. He sent his ex-fiancé John to prison for white collar crimes that they both committed. I just thought that being his twin brother would make me the exception. But the day my lawyer came to visit me and said that he had bad news, changed everything. He slid a Manilla environment across the table. As I opened it my heart hit the floor. Because there sat my brother 8-page statement and signature along with the signatures of four other detectives. Then the fact that he involved our mom just shattered everything I ever believed in. And right then and there I knew that it was GAME OVER!!! I was going away for a long time. I sat in prison from age 25 to age 32. I spend my whole life fighting off grimy dudes, bullies, and enemies. When the catalyst to my demise was sitting right next to me the entire time. The dude I should’ve been looking out for was him. They say in the end it’s always your own people. I discovered that in the worst way on February 18th, 2008.

How in the hell did you survive the craziness after all that you been through at a young age? How did it affect you?
It definitely created something intense inside of me. My innocence was replaced with survival. Which minimize my compassion. It gave my cold-like feelings that allowed me to operate in the criminal world at such a level that my remorse was absent. Consequences didn’t exist to me, only wins and losses. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But sometimes what doesn’t kill you can make you worse. Like it did me. Poverty, no father, prison, abuse, violence, abandonment, neglect, pain, and confusion created the Frankstein that I became. My mom did the best she could with five children. But she couldn’t forecast the storm that was brewing inside of me. It took me to almost lose my life in order to start feeling human again.

After everything, your brother bloomed straight to top. He had no stops, travelling the world, currently on hit TV shows, etc. While you’re in prison, did he give any contributions? What’s running through your mind in that time and place?
He really surprised me. Because our of all people who should’ve been there for me, it should’ve been him. Yet he sent me tons of model and travel photos, but very little money. Then as the years went by and he got bigger, he put me down in a way that almost seemed like he was glad I was in there. And  he even wrote me a letter saying something that I will never forget, “I’m with the family and we’re all at the Poconos have breakfast and smiling. See how well things go when you are not in the picture.” On any other occasion I would’ve just ignored it. But he said that to me while I was serving a 6 year prison sentence for crimes we both committed and he assisted the District Attorney with my conviction. So that is when I knew how he really felt about me. His was in background for years. Now that I was out the way it was his time to shine. And so did his true colors.

How did doing the scandal and prison affect your relationships with your mom, family and friends? Did you receive any amount of support, was it merely more negative feedback?
My immediate family stuck by me, while my extended family joined in on the public ridicule. That’s why I don’t associate with them today. Friends left, girlfriends too, but the gay community truly won my heart. During my lengthy prison sentence they sent money orders, magazines, and cards full of encouragement. I remember one letter even saying, “Don’t worry gorgeous. Just get through this and you’ll be famous once they release you.” And truthfully, some days I needed to hear that. And what’s crazy is that after serving 75 months in prison, I landed on the front page of the newspaper as soon as I was released. So I guess they were right.

Did you have a relationship with your father? If so, did he have a father-to-son conversation with you about any of this? If not, do you wish you did to get guidance?
I’m 33 years old and I never even heard the sound of my father’s voice. I just about a year ago saw a prison photo of him (go figure). My whole life I wished and secretly waited

Why write the book about your life experience? What do you want readers to take away from it?
I had to write my memoir in order to start the healing process of going to prison for a lengthy prison term while being internationally ridiculed all the way to China (no exaggeration). I was in so much trouble that I had no idea when I was coming home again. So it was almost like my goodbye letter so the world would see that my life wasn’t in vain. I was stuck in prison for an unknown amount of time, so maybe it was last attempt to have some form of purpose. I want whoever reads my book to know how powerful self love is. Because it has the power to overcome your circumstances, lacking upbringing, poverty, abuse, depression, despair, etc. Plenty of successful people loved themselves so strongly that they pulled success in their direction and loved themselves into a better life. All because the internally developed a better self standard. And that they don’t have to be a person of failure and mistakes to have to learn from it. That’s what I want them to absorb the moment they finish and close my book. I survived the unthinkable, now self love is my savior now. I’m loving myself into a better life.

Do you regret the decision you made in your past to become involved sexually with your brother being a straight man?
First and foremost, my brother and I never engaged in a sexual act together. Although we participated in trio films together. We more behaved as a prop or medium for the other actors involved. Because you will never find a video with us kissing or sexing one another. We only took compromising stills and print work to sell the fantasy of Twincest (as they called it). I hate what we did. Retrospectively, I hate the fact that we lacked the mentality to realize that those people were playing and making a mockery of us. All while exploiting our naïveté in the process. CLEARLY if anyone looks at my brother and I, we are both gorgeous. Even in our years in the modeling world and our short lived porn career…NO ONE LOOKS LIKE US!!!! Collectively we are already worth a million dollars!!! Sometimes I wish I could pull a Michael J. Fox and go back in time to slap the sh*t out of both of us. But what’s done is done.

What’s your current relationship status? If you’re currently in a relationship, how does your past affect it? If not, what do you want your future partner to know? How will you explain to them all you’ve done?
I’m currently in the process of building a new relationship, but it will not be an easy task. Because there is so much to consider when dealing with a person who has a past like mine’s. There’s so many inconsistencies and abnormalities to consider when making an emotional decision to fall for a guy like me. Yeah I may be a beautiful man, no doubt about that. But my past is surely a repellent. No doubt about that too!! But I want her to know that I’m a real dude. Yes my past isn’t nothing to wink at. But the fact that I survived it all created in me something truly incredible. A resilience, a determination, and a drive that can not be taught. I’m seasoned in a way that gives me the rarest of qualities that you can find in a man. I’ve been tested by life’s circumstances and the fact that I’m still standing is proof that I passed. So bets believe I KNOW MYSELF!!! And I won’t waste time trying to explain all that I’ve been through. Because I may not have been a catch then, but I’m definitely one now!!!

Do you have children? If so, what are you going to explain to them when they Google you and learn about your past history?
Yes I do have a son. And I’m not going to make excuses for my behavior within my explanation towards him. I can’t control the fact that one day he will find out. Because the internet is so pervasive that it will be virtually impossible to cover up. So I just decided to be so cool and great of a father that my accomplishments will vastly overshadow my low points. But we will have that talk when he is ready.

Do you blame the adult entertainment industry and/or media for what happened to you?
No  (not saying it didn’t play a role in my infamy) because no one put a gun to my head and told me to do it. Even though I wasn’t ready for the ramifications of it, that decision was my own.

Will there be a movie made out of your life experience? If so, who would you want to play you and your brother?
Absolutely!!! I actually am secretly working with a screenwriter from Atlanta. His writing is more accurate than anyone I’ve ever met or came across. This is what he has to say:

“Hi, I’m Ali Lillard,
The screenwriter that’s writing Taleon Goffney ‘s feature film, (working title)
“INFAMOUS” I’ve been working closely with Taleon to get this story as accurate as possible. Some of the scenes will be based on actual events. The script is about 75% completed, then we’ll go into pre production stage where we’ll generate financing for the film. This movie will have something for everybody. It’s not just a gay sex story, it’s a coming of age story about a young man’s drive to make it out of poverty, (sometimes by any means necessary), to his whole family living comfortably. Unfortunately coming up in Camden N.J that isn’t always an easy task. A determined young mothers struggle to raise twin boys and three other children, on her own, and a young man dealing with his own sexuality. Brotherhood, betrayal, crime, incest, women, prison, drugs, and the porn industry all plague Taleon on his way to becoming infamous. There definitely has never been a film like this before! We’re excited for the whole world to see Taleon’s story of redemption on the big screen.”

I’m loving the acting style that Michael Ealy has, or Lance Gross. But the trick is trying to find a double. Or course my twin is a factor. But this isn’t his story…it’s mine’s. He never felt the heat, he never felt the consequences for nothing he has done. He told his BS story in Details Magazine. And that’s about as far his feature goes. I’m the one who really suffered from our gay porn scandal. He’s naturally gay so it was no real detriment there. But I went to prison internationally being known for being a gay porn star. I was brutalized by everyone from the inmates to the prison guards. My physique, silence, and Martial Arts background was the only defense mechanism that kept them from engaging in physical confrontation with me. But the ridicule killed me more. I’m the one who busted out of the police cruiser handcuffed  because my life was in danger, and nearly drowned in a lake as I escaped. I’m the one who spent 75 months for being the alleged mastermind behind a burglary operation that stretched from New Jersey to Florida. Which were crimes that we both clearly committed. But his testimony against me nullifies anything he has to say as far as movie/story depictions are concerned. He played his role in the court room. Now I’m going to have mine’s played on the big screen. The martyr of it all and true character in this Infamous tale.

What are some things you regret about your past? If you could change anything, what would it be and why?
I regret not spending more time with certain loved ones who are no longer here. Because street-life devoured my time. I regret not being a better big brother to my siblings. My 26 year old brother would always want to hang out with my when I was running the streets. But I inadvertently evaded him. Because my priorities weren’t right. He’s serving 13 years in prison for trying to be something I used to be. 2) I regret many things. Even though it has made me stronger, I still suffer to a degree of regret. And if I could change anything I would’ve took school more seriously. And not fake it to make it. Be a better son to my mom instead of scaring her with my criminal lifestyle and having her be subjected to frisked searches because she had to visit me in prison. I would’ve never gave up on myself to begin with. It took me to meet rock bottom and lose it all, just to realize that I’m complete enough to acquire anything I want if I stayed strong within myself. Then maybe I could’ve avoided have a lifetime state number: SBI# 555303C.

What is your relationship today with your brother? Do you speak or have any communication?
I don’t have no relationship with my brother today or will ever again at this point. I sincerely don’t dig him as a person. This is no personal attack towards him, I’m just street old school. Where we operated under a code of ethics. And his character is surely defective in my eyes.  He is out for self. He is not about family. And will cross his own mother if it came down to it. Just like he did in 2008. And has recently done again. Outside of the fact that he testified against me, when he put our mother in the line of fire he truly lost whatever little love and respect I will ever have for him. He and I committed those crimes alone. But he was the only one aware of my criminal prowess in and out of the courtroom. He knew that I was the type to accept whatever consequences that came with whatever I signed up for. I made that pact with him the moment before we went on our crime spree. So he knew that I was willing to go back to prison if it came down to it. He is very aware of my stubborn determination. Which also meant that he would go to prison too. The authorities couldn’t pinpoint who was the brains of our operation. And I was willing to take that secret to prison with me. So his last act of desperation was to implicate our mother several times throughout an 8-page affidavit he signed with the detectives of the Tri-State Task Force. He knew I wouldn’t solely take the wrap for something we both agreed on. But he knew that I would reveal my role and become the martyr for our mother. And that’s why he and I will never have a day of reconciliation. He has no code. And a man like that is liable to do anything. And the fact that he recently broke our mother’s heart again is why he is denounced from my life. He better not ever run out of good luck or ever need a medical favor or kidney from me…because I will not budge. Simply because I know that he would do the exact same thing to me. He practically already has. The heck with being the bigger person when it comes to him. That’s how I honestly feel.

You mentioned to me prior to this interview, that there’s one thing you will never forgive your brother for. Why do you feel so strongly about this?
What I will never forgive him for is for breaking my mother’s heart twice. When he testified against our mother an out-state-warrant was placed for her arrest. The task force showed up at our mother’s front door as all the children and parents were in route to school in the morning. And right front of our baby brother, two nieces, and the entire community my mother was slammed down on the lawn (face and all) and was handcuffed and shackled in a way that crushed and mortified her as a mother, grandmother, and community neighbor. She had no idea what was taking place. And even after all that she still forgave my brother. A mother’s love is blind, because she allowed him to play her again. She supported him through it all: his sexuality, choices, and consequences. And recently my brother has done quite well for himself financially. He even had our mother go to Delaware to go house shopping with promises of getting her a home. He knows that her biggest dream is to be a home owner. And the moment she found one he presented her with an ultimatum to disassociate herself from my sister and I or he wasn’t getting her thing. She respectfully declined and it broke her heart. I watched her pull the car over that night and cry because of it. And in that very moment the most evil feeling seered throughout my body. My blood was truly on fire. Him being my flesh and blood was to only reason I had to let that feeling go.

He and our sister had a financial agreement of six thousand dollars that went awry. So that explains his fallout with her. But for me… I gave him everything when I was in those streets. For example, I gave him $9200 hundred dollars for a 2001 Volkswagen Passat. Another time he revealed to me that he fell in love with a boy from Atlanta and would be ecstatic if he could be with him in their own place. So though my means were illicit, I gave him $5,000 from a crime we recently committed. And he took the money and moved to Irvington, New Jersey. And moved the guy he loved in with him. I came by to visit and as I left I smiled from a distance. THAT’S THE TYPE OF BIG BROTHER I WAS (even though I wasn’t best role model). Truth is, he wrote me hateful letters in prison and really grew mad when he found out I was composing a memoir. He really didn’t want me to tell my story because he knows that he is the worst aspect of it. And the moment I came home and landed the front page of the newspapers he’s been at odds with me ever since. But hypocritically he did the same thing while I rotted in prison in Details magazine: along with local newspapers and the Bio Channel.

And as of late he has been assassinating the character of our entire family on social media outlets and lashing out at me on social media along with threats to sue me if I respond. And if he does it won’t be the first time he landed me in a courtroom. He forgets that I’ve been in front of judges facing life sentences and prevailed. He just better take into account all those unauthorized press interviews he conducted while I was in prison along with pictures he used and photoshopped with me in them. All as a means to promote his brand. Yet didn’t asked my permission at all to submit naked sexually suggestive pictures of us to the press. He has also been using our 14 year old niece as a conduit for his hate messages towards our family. I have those all save in a computer file in me apple desktop. So if it ends up going that route he better find a lawyer that’s reincarnated with Johnny Cochran-like qualities if he thinks I’ll let him ruin my life again. He is the one person in the world who knows that I’m a force to be reckoned with. So his best bet is to stop making my mom cry and attacking the family and just go be great, or whatever it is that he does.

Being that you did a gay sex scene, several photoshoots with your brother, did you ever begin to question your sexuality? Did women reject you because of the scandal?
No I never once questioned my sexuality because I knew what I was in it for. It wasn’t because I was attracted to men. In fact, I sucked (no pun intended) as a gay porn star. They continuously had to stop the cameras and try all type of tactics because I couldn’t keep it up. Even after I chewed on blue Viagra pills, it still didn’t help. It only left me with a killer headache.  Unfortunately, I was rejected by a few women. Even the one that I was with when my scandal broke. But being in prison taught me how to deal with that. Because when you’re down and out of luck or even have something repelling happen you, women will always leave you eventually. And my run in the streets taught me the opposite as well. Because the same girls who turned me down when I was broke chased me down when I was Rollin’!! Now that I’m starting to buzz again those very same girls are inboxing me and liking my pics. And that’s what the game taught me. What prison and the streets taught me. That the world loves a winner: short, ugly, fat, scandalous, regardless…the world loves a winner. Especially women!!!

What is your current sexual preference? Have you been in any other sexual relationships with other men, if not, how do you manage not to given your past history?
My current and always have been preference is heterosexual. I never had any sexual relationship or activity with any man outside of my short stint in the porn industry. And I know that is something that I’m going to have to defend for the rest of my life. Because the average mind can’t discern what true despair and depression can desperately take you to. Where I’m from men who are addicts will sleep with a man just to get by on their fix or practice. Although that is a poor analogy (because I’m not a drug addict), but the same degradation and despair resided in me during that era of my life. It was truly my dark period. I didn’t care about much, especially myself. Just released out of prison for armed robbery and recently fired from being a Bally’s Total Fitness instructor because I lied on my application about my criminal background. It was by far the coolest job I ever had, and abruptly my falsifications caught up to me. And my family support wasn’t much at the time either. I just honestly gave up on myself as a person. And just reached a point that I’d do whatever to get by. I just wasn’t in a rush to go back to prison. So when the offer of porn was presented to me, my justification was the fact that it wasn’t illegal. People will never understand the state of mind I was in, nor the level of confidence I truly lacked during that period of my life. And in all honesty, it’s not for me to explain. Because I lived it, not them. So any urges of wanting to sleep with men are nonexistent, because they were never there in the first place. And if that can’t be comprehended, then I guess I’ll just be considered full of sh*t for the rest of my life.

Do you still communicate with Marc Williams? If not, what are some things that you’d want him to know? If so, what have you said to him?
No I haven’t seen or communicated with Marc Williams since that day we left Vegas. In retrospect, I would let him know how stupid and naive we were for letting Blackmen.Net talk us into doing that ridiculous video. Because if we were smart and were really savvy about the industry we would’ve refused the one time fee and opted for royalties or a residual payment. Because we were only paid a thousand dollars for a video that was viewed/sold nearly 1.5 million times. I would let him know how young we were, how dumb we were, and if we were going to do something to that extreme for cash…then we should’ve capitalize it to max and went for it all. Simply because that day made us famous for the wrong reasons. We weren’t revered or inducted in the porn Hall of Fame. We were sensationalized through public scandal. And since that is the case, then we should’ve got what we were worth. That’s what I would say to him.

Have you ever watched the sex scene since you did it? If so, what were your thoughts watching? If not, will you ever?
No I haven’t, nor will I ever. I refuse to relive that moment. Because to me it was one of the most degrading things that I’ve ever done. Not because of the aspect of homosexuality, but because I was the only one in that room who solely did it for money. I was the only one in that room who was actually heterosexual. Keyon and Marc got their rocks off and got paid for it. While I forced a gay sex act for the sake of money. They freshened up and got dress afterwards, while I was the only one in the shower teary-eyed and simultaneously scrubbing my vigorously and brushing my teeth until the toilet was nearly full of bloody toothpaste foam. They laughed and giggled that night as the company took us out to dinner. While I was the only one who couldn’t wait to get away from everyone. Which after dinner I subsequently jumped into a cab and blew half my earnings at the Spearmint Rhino female strip club, trying to mentally drown away what I just participated in. For them it may have been fun and a payday. But for me it was one of my lowest moments. That’s why I’ll never press play when it comes to any video or scene I did.

How do you stay motivated and head-strong while all of this played out for the world to see and continue to discuss?
My past is the very thing that motivates me. To go from prison, to gay porn, to nearly getting killed in the streets, and later back to prison for a whole array of crimes, and still be alive to tell it…alone let’s me know that I’m meant for more. Or my past would’ve proven my demise. And I continue to discuss it because I truly believe that no one will be as lucky as I have. Nor will ever survive such circumstances. Because deep inside, I don’t even know how I got over. So my discussion is a warning to all of those who possess porn, street, and criminal aspirations. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE!!!

What’s your relationship with your mom and other siblings today? How did they feel about the scandal and crimes you participated in?
My mom and I are closer than we’ve ever been. Simply because our love was tested immensely. For instance, when my mother was apprehended she was presented with the same offer my brother had to testify against me. I read her statement in my criminal discovery. And unlike the 8-page statement my brother’s testimony displayed, her’s only stated one line…..”Do you expect me to tell on my own son.” That’s when I knew she was one thousand!!  She was ready to accept a 3 year plea for conspiracy charges before she would ever throw me under the bus. And my mother suffers from claustrophobia. So she had maximum reason to tell over anyone else. My brother gave them an entire indictment in less than two hours of apprehension. So because of that I know who’s real. My sister was there for me, everyone except for my twin brother. He sent me pictures of his expeditions, but without money you will starve in jail. Mom and Lil’ sis held me down (aside from my gay fan base). As far as my scandal is concerned, I never cease to amaze my family. They have a way of saying, “Oh! that’s Teyon (which is my surname)” Busting out of police cruisers handcuffed, high-speed chases, Gay porn exploits, half-a-million dollar crime sprees….”Oh! That’s Teyon.” Not because they condone what I’ve done. But because they know whether good or bad, my drive is ridiculous!!!

Have you stayed out of the entertainment industry spotlight since then because you don’t want to be scrutinized again?
No, actually I just got back behind the camera and did a vast amount of photoshoots to accompany my story with my image. Simply because I discovered that most people don’t care about a good message nowadays until you exercise some sex appeal. And know that should be my final tactic. But I tried everything else, and when I took my shirt off…it worked!!! So I no longer fret scrutinization.  Because this time around I’m not a 21 year old kid from the ghetto. But a man who has endured a life that most could only be lucky to tell about. This time around I know exactly what I’m in it for!!!

What’s your passion and ultimate goal in life?
My passion is to become a public figure for doing the right thing. To be the reason that a lot of people turn their lives around for the better. The reason that there’s a neighborhood playground and rec center for the urban kids to played. I just want to be a modern hero. A true success story. It used to be about money, now it’s about peace of mind. Spend a total of 11 years in the prison system, bullets missing you in streets wars, warring with police agencies, being on America’s Most Wanted (twice), dodging life sentences, an international scandal…then you will understand how priceless your peace of mind really is.

Outside of the sex scandal and robberies, who is Ta’Leon Goffney?
Ta’Leon Goffney is the firstborn son of Towana Goffney. I’m a serious thinker just like her, artistic just like her. I’m a person who refuses to let error get the best of me. I’m grounded now. I’m an approachable person. I’m a good Father, a cool Uncle, a dedicated son and family member. I’m the guy who will share my last with you if I can sense that you really need it. I’m a comeback kick. I pride myself on the getback versus the setback. I’m respectful to those who repay the same. I’m calmer now due my previous excitement in life. I’m the guy who will study a person and learn how previous others treated them, and raise the bar to make it anticlimactic if another should succeed me. I’m the guy that will do right by someone and will not seek revenge if they cross me, because my code and integrity means more. I strive to be like no other. That was proven when I was in the streets, and that will be factual now. A certified good dude!!! Ask about me.

What’s next for you? Another memoir?
What’s next for me? Well I can’t divulge much but I’ve been casted for a reality show on a popular network and I got the sequel in the works. But in order for the sequel of my book to be complete, I have to fully become a success story first. And I’m getting pretty close. For me, for my son, for my family…I have I make my next move my best move.


Thank you to Ta’Leon for taking time out of his busy schedule for this exclusive, and uncensored interview. Make sure you are following him on social media and check out his website.

Twitter: @Mr_Taleon
Instagram: @TaleonGoffneyOfficial

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