Breaking the Buck

Buck breaking, sex farms, corruption, effeminization, and white surpermacy

Kings and Queens,
Have you ever heard of “Breaking the Buck”? I recently became aware of this and I was devastated to find out the meaning of this term. As you know “I AM A VOICE”, therefore, it is my duty to make you aware of this information.

Back in slavery times, the slave master used ‘Breaking the Buck” to control the black man and keep him and the rest of the slaves submissive, lessening the chances of them rising up. The process known as “breaking the buck”, involves perhaps the most heinous and horrifyingly wicked acts known to man. The unruly Negro slave was beaten with a whip until he was bloody while the entire assembly of his fellow slaves watched. Once the slave was worn down, the white master had the other Negro slaves force him over a tree stump removing his pants leaving him fully exposed, in the most humiliating and compromising position. Next, the master removed his own clothing and proceeded to brutally rape the buck in front his wife, family, friends and children. He then invited his friends from the other plantations to come and partake in these “Nigger Festivities”.

To ensure that his message was received loud and clear, the master required the buck’s male child to watch, front row and center. This was so that he too can witness these forcefully demeaning sexual acts rendered upon his father and intensify the humiliation. “Buck breaking” kept all young black slaves from rising up and taking revenge. It also kept the women from ever giving consent to an uprising. This inhumane event was so successful that it was made into a “Sex Farm” where white men could travel from plantation to plantation feeding their homosexual, and sadistic need to dominate the black man.

They would like us to just forget about all the wrongs that have been done to our ancestors and black people for centuries. They think we should just sweep it under the rug, pound it up, move on and act like these heinous things never happened. That is not going to happen, our black men are still being treated as less than human to this very day. The police shoot unarmed black men down in the street daily, like animals, with no repercussions. Pay attention family, and don’t get it twisted, white supremacist police are the new slave masters.


Peace and Blessings Family

Tonya “Monei” Moone

Be A Hero, Not Another Silent Voice - I AM A VOICE
-The Rashad Effect



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Tonya Moone

I am a new blogger, my mission is to bring awareness for the empower my people. I have been an avid community activist against gun violence since 2012 after my son was killed. Now I plant the seed "I AM A VOICE" through The Rashad Effect which is the voice of The Rashad Moone Foundation. Follow me: (FB Groups: I AM A VOICE & A Mothers Cry.) The Rashad Effect (FB page), and Tumblr
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