UPDATE: Atlanta officer, homeowner shot after police enter wrong backyard

"People pay for what they do…” ― James Baldwin
DeKalb County officials said the officer was in surgery following the shooting.
DeKalb County officials said the officer was in surgery following the shooting.

“People pay for what they do…”
James Baldwin

But not always the right people.

UPDATE (2:37 A.M): It turns out that the DeKalb County officer who was shot in the leg on Monday night had responded to the wrong home after receiving a call to the 1500 block of Boulderwoods Drive off Bouldercrest Road for a report of a suspicious person in the neighborhood.

DeKalb County Director of Public Safety Cedric Alexander told Channel 2 Action News the caller did not give a numerical address, only a description of a home where the suspicious person was seen.

Officers entered the backyard of a home they believed to fit that description.

According to Alexander, shots were then fired, although the exact events which led to the officer, the homeowner, and a dog being shot are still being determined.  Both the officer and the homeowner were shot in the leg. The dog was killed.

The homeowner that was shot is expected to be OK.

Bob Gilman, the shooting victim’s next door neighbor since 1971, says the neighborhood has seen a lot of crime.

“This is a rough area. We have a lot of crime … robberies, burglaries, shootings,” Gilman said.

Alexander said because of the nature of the investigation, they have handed it over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


A police officer serving the Atlanta metro area has been shot and is currently undergoing surgery.

Suspects nor a motive have been identified.

Mekka Parrish, a DeKalb County police spokeswoman said the officer was shot Monday night, but details surrounding the circumstances of the shooting were not immediately known.



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