Why Worry?

You can't change Yesterday but you can ruin Today by Worrying about Tomorrow...

Why worry? Why give way to anxiety or unease and allow your mind to dwell on difficulties or troubles? We all worry at some point. Worrying can be helpful when it spurs you into action and solve problems. However if you are always preoccupied with thoughts about the ‘what ifs’ or the worst outcome that can happen in a situation, worrying becomes a problem - it becomes excessive. Fears and doubts can paralyze you. They are mentally exhausted. When you worry nothing changes in your life. You may think that you can prevent bad things from happening. That’s usually not the case. Excessive worrying can lead to feelings of high anxiety, physical illnesses such as high blood pressure, stress and panic attacks. It can also affect your daily life - You may develop unhealthy habits. When you worry it starts with negative thoughts. Always try to think positive even though your situation may look bleak at that moment. Avoid getting your mind lost in doubt and fear. Find clarity when you are worrying about a situation. You should never guess the outcome or what is going on in someone’s mind. Trying to read someone’s mind usually don’t work out well because people are unpredictable. If a situation arise where you are worried and cannot think straight, pause and gather your thoughts. Exercising, meditating, practising faith and talking about your problems are all strategies you can use to help stop worrying. Worrying would not stop the bad things from happening it will only stop you from enjoying the good. Do not let your imagination create things that may never happened in your life. 20160318_165408



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Sally McGuire

Sally McGuire have written many short stories and always keeps a journal. Her love of researching the history of various cultures has earned her an award for excellence. She is the author of romance novels Destined To Love and Forever Yours. Sally lives in New York with her son.
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