Hannah Leigh : A Day In The Life of My Mom

Some of y'all moms out there might need to lighten it up a bit, cause this is how your child may see you...

At Urban Image Magazine one of my goals is to showcase talent. And as I flipped through my timeline this evening, I happened to catch this hilarious video of Hannah Leigh doing a parody of her mother Kim. I promise you it is funny. Young Hannah is the daughter of some friends I went to school with, Robert Smith and Kimberly Back. (Notice how much taller Kim is than Robert.)

It really hit me because I know her mother is kinda jazzy, and I know how mothers spazz out over household chores and such. Hannah Leigh is a young genius. It looks like her parents have a comedian on their hands. This video is nothing short of brilliant! And what really impressed me is that the youngster not only created, directed, and shot this short parody; she also edited it in iMovie. Raw talent. So let’s get behind her. Share her video, leave your comments, and encourage her to keep moving.




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