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This album isn’t as new as the others I’ve done reviews on so far, but I’m gonna review it because it’s so underrated. Plus I do EVERYTHING in an...

This album isn’t as new as the others I’ve done reviews on so far, but I’m gonna review it because it’s so underrated. Plus I do EVERYTHING in an unconventional manner. Lol. Anyway, meet Bas. Bas is an emcee from Queens, NY, signed to J. Cole’s Dreamville label, and has actually made the best album released on that imprint thus far, titled “Too High To Riot”.

The album opener is perfect…

“Too High To Riot”, Bas’ sophomore album, opens with the title track. The title alone captured my attention before I even knew he was on Cole’s label. While black America was taking L after L at the hands of the police and the justice system, this album quietly dropped, and I was dealing with just the everyday life of a working family man and was, in fact, too high to riot, so I could relate *shrug*.

 Witty bars…

The 2nd track, “Methylone”, is a song about a drug called Methylone that drug dealers would sometimes sell as Molly, but the song’s really a metaphor for people who sell you shit that ain’t what it seems to be. Lines like “N***s always take advantage, olive branches start to splinter” and “Last week I bought a testing kit, I wish they made ’em for people” are gems packed throughout this song, and essentially the whole album. “Dopamine”, featuring Bas’ Dreamville labelmate Cozz, is a somber banger about the pressures of family and life. No matter how somber things get though, Bas has witty bars throughout that balance everything out.

This album is consistent…

“Housewives” goes in on people who talk to just talk lol. I definitely rock with this one. “Miles & Miles” is just a smooth ass interlude that I almost wish was a song if it wasn’t too slow to rap to. It’s a welcomed addition to the album though cause it gives it a little more depth sonically. “Live For” continues these wavy introspective moments, as Bas spits bars like: “I think I love just to hurt, in fact, I think I love when you hurt me back/ ’til we under the dirt, I keep you close, yeah, under my shirt/ I keep you tucked to the side, I’m Dr. Jekyll, I got something to hide…”. “Clouds Never Get Old” is a smooth joint about his success in music and enjoying the party-ready females that come with it. This album has a pretty consistent and cohesive sound all the way through. “Matches” keeps up the smoke-filled sounds. J. Cole pops up on “Night Job” and spazzes on it. Really 1 of my favorite Cole verses.

A LOT of this album is about getting high…only on the surface…

If you listen to music like I listen to music, you’ll be able to dig deeper and notice the talk of drug abuse is just the glue that holds together all of the different hardships, memories & laughs throughout a day in the life of Bas. It kind of angers me that an album so good gets overlooked as much as this 1 seemed to. But I’m too high to riot.

So I’ll just give it 4 stars and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Will McKinney

Will McKinney has been a Hip Hop fanatic since childhood. He’s notorious for destroying freestyle cyphers and crashing mixtapes throughout central Indiana. You can reach out to him on Facebook.

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