Five Traits of a Good Man By Kimberly Jasper

Traits of a Good Man; Many men believe if they maintain a “Whatever” kind of attitude that women will suddenly fall in love with them. This is completely bogus!...

Traits of a Good Man;

Many men believe if they maintain a “Whatever” kind of attitude that women will suddenly fall in love with them. This is completely bogus! Would you like spend time with a guy that dodges direct questions and shrugs his shoulders instead of giving you an answer? A good man should look directly into your eyes when he’s talking to you and he needs to be engaged and genuinely interested in what you have to say. He’s also the type of guy you can rely on, that will always be there for you. There are many traits that make a good man stand apart from the crowd. These are just a few;

1. He Keeps His Word.

A man’s word is his currency. A respectable man is a man of his word. He says what he means and means what he says, his word is his bond. A good man will keep his promises to his woman. He won’t break dates or be a “no call no show.” He won’t play with your emotions and he’ll always remember to call just because he said he would. A man who values his woman, keeps his promises. That’s how he shows he cares.

2. Intimacy.

Into me you see. Intimacy is something that is natural to human nature. However, pressuring a woman for sex is not of a good man’s nature. A man who has any intentions of being a good mate to you does not pressure for sex when he first meets you. A woman is not a vehicle to be test driven. If you meet a man who wants to test drive your body, emotions and feelings; it’s best to point him to the car dealership, bid him goodbye and don’t look back! Know that you deserve a good man who will respect you.

3. There’s a Place for You in His Life.

A good man will let a woman know what place she has in his life. He will give you a title. Whether that title be friend, girlfriend, boo, woman, lady or wife and he will introduce you as such. He will introduce you according to how he feels about you, no surprises. Good men in general tend to be very protective and mark their territory. If good man loves you, he will profess it to everybody. There will be no jockeying for position either; a good man will reserve a place for you in his life…and in his heart.

4. He’s Giving.

A good man is not a selfish man. He puts his woman first and is always sure to address any issues or concerns that she may have. A good man desires to do things that make his woman happy. The opinions of his lady count to him and he understands that a happy wife means happy life without feeling like a punk about it. He knows if he puts in the effort, his lady will return it tenfold and honor him for it. That’s the only currency he’s looking for from her.

5. Takes Care of You.

When a good man wakes up in the morning, his mission is to take care of his family to the best of his ability. He wants to make sure his woman is happy and satisfied. He provides for the people he loves, whether financially, or sweat equity. A good man has a desire to protect and provide for his woman. Even if he’s not currently able to provide with financial means, he  still has a deep desire to. If he doesn’t want to see his mother working tirelessly, chances are he doesn’t want to see his woman working like that either.


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