Did you know leprechauns in Irish history were black? Guess what else we didn't know?

Greetings Kings and Queens,

Yesterday was St. Patricks Day. Did you dress in green to celebrate and honor this day? Many did, but, I did not. I used to when I was younger and did not know any better, but, when you know better you do better.
While on my truth and knowledge journey to empower myself and my people. I saw a post that inspired me to research the true history and origin of St. Patrick Day.

Who was St. Patrick?
Many don’t know about him because little is actually known about St Patrick’s life. He was not Irish, he was born in Roman Britain. He was abducted by the Irish Raiders and taken to Ireland on a slave ship at the age of 16, where he was held and made to serve as a shepherd for six years until he escaped and returned to his family in Britain. During his captivity, he became a devout Christian for comfort during that difficult time. After fifteen years of study in Britain, he was ordained as a priest, and sent to Ireland minister to Christians and to convert the Irish to Christianity.

“One of the famous legends is that Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland.” Scholars suggest the tale is allegorical because Ireland did not have any snakes. Serpents are symbols of evil in the Christian tradition. In the opinion of Christians Ireland was filled with Pagans and St. Patrick’s job was to convert them or remove them from the land. The Pagans they were speaking of represented the snakes.

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The early settlers of Ireland were wee Black people who were no taller than 4 feet 11 inches tall. They were known as the Twa people. They were in tune with nature and had great knowledge of many things including medicinal technology. This knowledge was considered magic by the local people. The Twa people and their knowledge came to represent what we know as the Leprechaun and their magic dust. The dwarfs, dark elves or leprechauns in Irish history were black.

st pat day             TWA-People-of-Ireland       prehistoric pygmy       pygmies

The Twa people of Africa were among the first Africans to populate the world. They created the first advanced civilization worldwide and they are found all over the world. It is the Twa that St. Patrick chased out of Ireland. The story of the holiday is actually a covert attempt to cover up genocide, as St. Patrick led the charge to hunt these men and women down to kill them.”So what St. Patrick is really famous for, is waging a genocidal war against the indigenous people of Ireland who had migrated there many thousands of years before the Caucasians and before Christianity, who were African (and coincidentally, thought to be Pagan).” (http://www.jah-rastafari.com)

St Pat devil             Twa people joke


So, no thank you, I will not be celebrating St. Patrick Day ever. If you choose to that is your choice, but at least now you have some knowledge of what this holiday represents. I hope this information was helpful to you, please research in further detail.







Peace and Blessings

Tonya “Monei” Moone

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