Video of Keith Scott Shooting Released

While videos of the fatal shooting of Charlotte man Keith Scott have now been released the family says in a press conference that there are still more questions to...

While videos of the fatal shooting of Charlotte man Keith Scott have now been released the family says in a press conference that there are still more questions to be answered. After days of unrest and protest in Charlotte North Carolina it seems that the long awaited release of the body cam and dash cam video leave quite a few questions unanswered.

**Warning Graphic Video**

On the dashcam video, you see Scott walking away from his SUV with his hands by his side when shots are fired and Scott falls to the ground.The body cam video does not shot the actual shooting.

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney says the video is insufficient to definitively prove that Scott had a gun in his hand. However, police say lab tests show a gun recovered at the crime scene contained Scott’s d-n-a and his fingerprints, and it was also loaded. Chief Putney also says officer Brentley Vinson was the only officer who fired shots, and he was not wearing a body camera.

Police only released portions of the video because they say other parts were not relevant to the shooting. The fatal shooting ignited protests in the city, prompting Governor Pat McCrory to declare a state of emergency in Charlotte. The Scott family held a news conference shortly after the video was released, saying while they appreciate that it was released, there are questions that need to be answered.

The videos only begin to scratch the surface to the questions of what really happened on the day that police fatally shot and killed this man. The controversy and determining factor of whether the cops were justified in shooting him is  did he really have a gun or didn’t he?

Neither video from above r a video his wife recorded on her cell phone give a clear view of him showing whether a gun was indeed present at the scene of the shooting. Take a look at his wife’s video below:

Though she continues to try to talk the police officers present on the scene through the situation continually telling them that he didn’t have a gun and explaining to them that he had a traumatic brain injury the police still felt compelled to shoot him anyway.

Scott’s family insists that while the police are reporting that he had a gun the he merely had a book when he was shot down.

In the video you can see Scott out of the car backing up to the police with his arms to his sides. That surely doesn’t seem like he was the imminent threat that the officers say he posed to them. You would think if he was wielding a gun you would have seen it with his hands hanging down to his sides. It seems to me that this man was not a threat at all.

You would think that his wife would know if he had a gun or not. She wouldn’t just make it up. But we all know that cops have historically used the cover your ass tactic of planting evidence, so who’s to say this is not the case with this incident as well.

I fear that this is just another sad case of a black man losing his life without the family getting any kind of justice because of a crooked system that protects their own before those that they are actually sworn to protect.


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