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Syd, founder & former DJ for west coast hip-hop collective Odd Future and lead singer of a dope band called “The Internet”, is quietly making the best R&B music...

Syd, founder & former DJ for west coast hip-hop collective Odd Future and lead singer of a dope band called “The Internet”, is quietly making the best R&B music out right now. Her band The Internet’s 2015 release Ego Death was my 2nd favorite album of that year, only behind Cornrow Kenny’s (lol) “To Pimp A Butterfly“. The range of Syd’s smoky & sultry vocals makes her style somewhat a hybrid of the late great Aaliyah & T-Boz of TLC. She flexes that smooth vocal range all over her solo debut, “Fin”.

Syd kicks the album off with an unorthodox opener…

“I’m drowning in doubt & frustration, can’t sleep cause I’m anxious, counting sheep & all/ I’m sipping some liquor, go figure, getting lit with my n****s cause we done seen it all…” are the lyrics that start the album on the unorthodox yet smooth opener “Shake Em Off”, followed by the eerily Aaliyah & Timbaland-esque Know. No Complaints w/ its BANGING instrumental has Syd just swagging out on the beat for 60 seconds, kind of as an interlude. Nothing To Something & All About Me (this one knocks just as hard as No Complaints) lyrically show Syd’s appreciation and fears of her success, and all that comes with it. 5 songs in and everything is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Hot music ain’t nothin’ new for Syd…

This ain’t new. The Internet’s Ego Death album was the same way. Syd slows it down after lead single All About Me though, with possibly the sexiest R&B song you’ll hear in 2017, Smile More, where she sings: “Splashing in your waterfalls, now we’re totally involved, we get better every time, learning how to read your mind…”. (Oh yeah, Syd’s a lesbian *shrug* lol). Got Her Own is a smooth banger dedicated to female go-getters. Drown In It (another interlude length track) and Body continue the slow sexy tone set on Smile More.

“Dollar Bills” is a cool strip-club record, that actually would’ve been better somewhere in the middle of the album in my opinion, but its a dope song, so complaining about the placement is kind of just me nitpicking lol. *shrug*

My least favorite song on the album. It’s far from wack…

New artist 6LACK makes a decent guest appearance on “Over”. This is actually my least favorite song on the album. Its FAR from wack, but kind of feels like a filler track, until the finale comes in, and then it all makes sense. “Over” is jusy the set up to my favorite song on this album, “Insecurites”, where Syd sings: “You can thank my insecurities for keeping me around you babe/ I pack my bags but never leave, cause it’s so hard to walk away/ You know i love you girl, maybe more than i love myself/ But in a perfect world I would be with somebody else” over lush acoustics and keys. Syd really just makes music that’s easy AF to listen to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let this album ride straight through from Shake Em Off to Insecurities. Fin will definitely be in my top 5 at the end of 2017, maybe even at the top of that list.

I give it 4.5 stars

Will McKinney

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