Trump’s Executive Order Does Not Repeal the Affordable Care Act

Republished from Leonard Le’Doux Jr’s Facebook page; The Executive Order Trump signed over the weekend does not repeal the Affordable Care Act(ACA) known as Obamacare. The ACA is still...

Republished from Leonard Le’Doux Jr’s Facebook page;

The Executive Order Trump signed over the weekend does not repeal the Affordable Care Act(ACA) known as Obamacare. The ACA is still the law of the land. Open enrollment continues through January 31. This action shows that Trump is serious about rolling back the ACA. The Executive Order regarding the ACA tells administrative agencies not to enforce certain provisions of the ACA. Agencies will interpret this order and there may be court decisions that will determine how far the agencies can push and what accountability there will be to still uphold the law. The agencies and regulatory bodies are going to have a hard time knowing what to do in order to be compliant with the law. The order does not impact open enrollment season.

Republicans saddled themselves with a great slogan in 2010: ” Repeal and Replace”, which is now an albatross around their necks. As Rahm Emanuel stated at the time of the implementation of the ACA, once you give the public a benefit, you can’t take it away. Republicans do not have the nerve to take away these benefits from so many of their constituents. The Senate is confused about what to do. Best guess is that they “repeal” it and then re-implement it under a different name such as Trump-care.

Policy goals, such as lower cost for government and consumers that still provide the same coverage for the people, will be difficult to reach. The potential penalty was to force people to buy insurance and to get younger people into the system. If no penalty, then the ACA is on an unstable path. Penalties for not having health insurance will paint a dark future for the ACA in terms of the enrollment level and insurance premiums. If people do not enroll the insurance market place will drop. Premiums will go up insurers will drop out. Possible solutions would be to reduce benefits to make health care more affordable. It is possible they could have high risk pools with high premiums which could result in removing care from people that are ill.

In my opinion, the replacement of the ACA will look almost exactly like the ACA. Republican Senator Susan Collins, Maine, is proposing a bill that repeals and replaces and renames the ACA also known as Obama care. There are no replacements in sight. She will keep the elements that work… we want a health care system that takes care of people when they are sick and does not financially ruin people who get sick. The ACA is working well for millions of people with preexisting conditions and life time limits for certain conditions. Now 85% of those people are insured and folks can get the care that they need. ACA is far less dramatic than most think. There are elements of the plan such as preexisting conditions which are hard to manage and hard to create a functioning market around. This causes premiums to go up for everyone even the healthy. That provision needs to be managed better which is what Democrats were proposing.

I believe the status quo will be left in place. Republicans will begin to think ideology rather than practicality. People who are making $200,000 or couples over $250,000 or more are paying a big tax to subsidize the health care of others. The Democrats see this as a progressive tax that is needed. Susan Collins of Maine is the Senator who will make the difference to rename and replace rather than repeal the reality of Obama care. Watch and listen for Collins to be the Senate Republican hero who will rename Obama Care and leave it intact.

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