daddy rich

  • hb

    UIM Wishes Happy Birthday to Our Founder!

      Today is a very special day! 39 years ago God allowed a genius to come to this Earth. I’ve never met a person that dreams so big… So outside of the box! Even as a kid you shined like  a star and today nothing can hold you back. You’ve...
  • prisonwires

    The Streets Ain’t it… Ep. 1

  • 13077269_580548058766790_1439473421_n

    Sasha drops May 21st

      Prologue June 1989… “…Nate, you are something else.” Maria laughed as she slapped him on the leg playfully. Her and Nate sat on the sofa in the living room of the luxurious home she shares with her husband Ron Rico. Her long, black curly locks drapes down to...
  • nat-turner_5-4-15

    I’m tired of talkin’: #FreddieGray

    This morning as I was searching the web for fresh content to post to I came to the realization that I am tired of the Freddie Gray story. I’m sick of it! Not that I don’t identify with the brother, cause I do. Believe me I do. I...
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