Svelt Diva!

Fantasia's Fantastic Weight Loss

Not only the power house voice but now the body to match!

Fantasia has been looking pretty fly as of late since she started documenting her weight loss journey on social media. Apparently the loss is personal.

Fantasia gave PEOPLE the following statement:  “I lost my grandmother untimely from a massive heart attack, after which I began to take notice of my habits, such as what I was eating and allowing to enter my body, and monitoring stress — as well as the fact that I want to look and feel my best each and every day.”


Fantasia performs a song during a tribute to performer Chaka Khan during the Soul Train Awards in Atlanta, Georgia, November 3, 2009. REUTERS/Tami Chappell (UNITED STATES ENTERTAINMENT)


I think it looks good on her!  New physique, new album and new outlook on life has given her a glow that is beyond compare.  So far she has lost 20 pounds thanks to changes in her diet and working with a trainer.  “I do consistent variations of cardio, performance training and yoga,” “I have turned toward leaner meats, seafood, more vegetables, and cutting back or eliminating salts and sugars.”

Fantasia even posted in the last year on Instagram after a workout stating the following:

“This Body is my Temple and I choose to take care of it so I choose LIFE,”

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