Michelle Slayed at the Obama’s Final State Dinner

See the pics below!!!
He's looking like "Yeah she's all that...and she's all mine!"

Michelle Obama slayed in a breathtaking rose gold Versace gown as Obama’s welcomed Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his wife for an official visit and the Obama’s final State Dinner.

michelle6As the evening approached Michelle Obama changed into a very for fitting jaw dropping gown as she beautifully graced the Stated dinner.


michelle2 michelle3 michelle4

Even the Prime Minister couldn’t resist wrapping his arm around all that woman! LOL


You better do that Michelle!!! Chellie done took slayin to a whole new level! I guess she said they were goin out with a bang and the “bang” wasn’t in her hair style! It was in girlfriend’s dress!!! As that thang hit every curve and crease it was like seeing fireworks in October …OKAAAAY!!! Say that the!!!

Needless to say…our first lady looked absolutely gorgeous at the time old event!

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