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Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying themselves. Thank you to all who have and still are serving as well as the ones that sacrificed their lives. I know it’s been a minute since my last post but I had to take care of a family emergency. Now I’m here to […]



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Introducing Mr. & Mrs. West! Kim & Kanye Finally Tie The Knot In Florence, Italy It’s official: the Hollywood lovebirds are now man and wife! It’s been a long time coming for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West but the two star-crossed lovers finally got married today at the 16th century Belvedere Fort in Florence, Italy as their daughter North West and star-studded guest list looked on. […]

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Tennessee Brings Back the Electric Chair NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — As the rest of the nation debates the feasibility and humanity of lethal injections against a backdrop of scarce drugs and botched executions, Tennessee has come up with an alternative: the electric chair. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill into law Thursday allowing the state […]



Home is Where the Side Chicks Are

    “Cuffin”, “Bunned Up”, “Fuck Buddy”, “Entanglements”, “Situations”, “JumpOffs”, “Sideline Hoe” Those are the terms used in the new millennium that describes the current state of relationships. I mean its really self explanatory and the men and women that condone this believe that’s it’s a way of life. Its Not! Men aren’t supposed to […]

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Fourth Graders Arrested For Poisoning Teacher’s Water It’s the end of the school year so cue the pranks! Two Brooklyn fourth graders were arrested for allegedly slipping rat poison in their teacher’s water. Police are reporting that she noticed a bout of nausea after she drank the water. CBS New York reports: The teacher went to police […]

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South Carolina Men Arrested For Sagging Pants At Waffle House Police arrested Andrew Gehring and Donovan Johnson, both 22, after both men became belligerent and refused to pull up their sagging pants. According to the Smoking Gun: Both men began cursing after the security guard asked the men to leave and they refused. Police were called and according to the Spartanburg […]



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Ciara Sees Her Future Congrats to Ciara, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and when I say healthy I mean 9lbs, 10 oz of healthiness! Damn did she have him naturally?! She announced his full name – Future Zahir Wilburn. Unfortunately in the age of social media people have felt the need to […]

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‘Shield’ Actor Michael Jace’s Wife Found Dead Jace is being booked for murder Actor Michael Jace called police himself to report his wife had been shot, and he had pulled the trigger Monday night in Los Angeles According to law enforcement sources Jace called 911 around 8:30 PM PT and told police … “I shot my wife.” […]

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On The Run Well they are back in that elevator again. This time though Beyonce is doing damage all for her man in their trailer to promote their summer tour. This tour of them together was bound to happen I just thought it would happen sooner. They reminded us of their baller status by enlisting […]

What’s Goin On TODAY! 5/19/2014

Gay Rights Advocate Visits Team, Helping Rams And Sam Adjust ST. LOUIS (AP) — The head of an advocacy group for gay and lesbian athletes said he spent a full day this week helping the St. Louis Rams prepare for the arrival of Michael Sam, who hopes to become the first openly gay player in the […]



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Dirty Laundry Sherri Shepherd’s first husband and baby daddy of her son Jeffrey has requested to have full custody of their son. Now before you twist your lips and speculate he filed this before the divorce with her current husband took place, which may give us insight on why Lamar wants custody of their unborn […]

Eddie Murphy Being Sued by Honeydip Ashton, His Alleged Transgender Lover, for 1.2 Mil

    Woooohooo! Well, we’ve been hearing the whispers about this for awhile now, but I guess Miss Honeydip wanted to do some shouting! via Tattletailzz-A transexual female who goes by the name of Honey Dip claims to have had a sexual relationship with since she was 17 years old is leaking intimate details about their trysts and is […]


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What’s Goin On TODAY! 5/16/2014

Donald Sterling Is Suing NBA, Says He Will Not Pay $2.5M Fine According to reports, the 80-year-old Los Angeles Clippers owner has hired prominent antitrust litigator Maxwell Blecher, who wrote a letter to NBA executive vice president and general counsel Rick Buchanan threatening to sue the league. The letter reportedly claims that Sterling has done […]


What Goin On TODAY! 5/15/2014

Authorities: Casey Kasem Found In Washington State LOS ANGELES (AP) — Casey Kasem was located in Washington state on Thursday, three days after a Los Angeles judge expressed concerns about the ailing radio host’s whereabouts and safety. Kasem’s condition was not immediately known, although his children rejoiced after days of uncertainty and said in a statement […]

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Shut It Down It was a coincidence that the E! cameras was outside a nightclub just when Lamar Odom was attempting to get in it and got shut down. All the brotha wanted was a drink (surprise he can afford one) but the bouncers denied him because French Montana, Khloe and Kim was partying it […]



What’s Goin On TODAY! 5/14/2014

MAGIC: ‘MY WHOLE LIFE IS DEDICATED TO URBAN AMERICA’ LOS ANGELES (AP) — NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson says Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has badly outdated views about minorities and is shockingly ignorant about HIV and AIDS for such a prominent public figure. “He’s living in the stone ages,” Johnson said in […]

Source Says Solange Snapped On Jay Cuz He Wanted To Party With RihRih Without Bey

  Ah-Sooo!!!! Sources are speaking out and shedding light on the now infamous famous fight between Jay-Z and Solange. He may be crazy in love with Beyoncé, but Jay Z wanted to party with Rihanna. The dispute that prompted Beyoncé’s sister to attack Jay Z at a Manhattan hotel centered on the rapper’s wish to […]



What’s Goin On TODAY! 5/13/2014

JAY Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED BY BEYONCE’S SISTER Jay-Z, wife Beyonce and her sister Solange attended last week’s Met Gala and then headed to an afterparty at NYC’s Standard Hotel. After leaving the party, they got into an elevator and Solange proceeded to curse, spit at, hit and kick Jay-Z, while Beyonce, for the most part, stood by and did nothing. Admirably, Jay-Z didn’t […]